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WinUtilities Memory Optimizer is yet another freeware to optimize and free up your PC’s memory. The latest version of WinUtilities Memory Optimizer will optimize memory only during system idle time, to attenuate interruptions during normal computer use. You can download it here. Make sure you go through the small Direct Download link below the larger green Download Now button.

I use Sticky Notes continuously, and used a Reg. file mod I designed to combine it with context menu ever since Windows 7 was published, exactly the same Reg. file continued to get results for Windows 8 and Windows 10, before anniversary update if the win32 version of Sticky notes was replaced with the new Universal App version.

Every file under Windows has three active attributes: read-only, hidden and archive. A file marked for archive tells Windows that it’s ready for backup. A file marked read-only won’t accept any changes to its contents. A hidden file will not show up in Windows Explorer until you have setup replacement for show hidden files.

Several users feel default apps are ‘garbage’; however, you will find individuals who usually do not really bother. If you want to clean and debloat Windows 10, Windows10Debloater is a great option. Download the .zip file using their page on GitHub. Do remember to generate a system restore point first before using it.

MAC addresses are specifically useful when it comes to protecting your network from unwanted connections. All you have to do would be to authorise merely the MAC addresses that you simply desire to hook up to the Internet or the network. We have see in more detail, what’s MAC Address and how to locate the MAC address of the network adaptors. Technitium, NoVirus Thanks & SMAC MAC cost nothing MAC Address Changer Tools for Windows 10, that let you affect the MAC Address or Media Access Control Address easily.

Helpful resource. Problem fixed by downloading the 32bit version of dll from here https://wikidll.com/microsoft/kernel32-dll